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Audits are daunting tasks, yet they are essential for establishing compliance, effectiveness, and efficiency of management systems. Internal audits are an indispensable tool for performance evaluation and continual improvement of management systems.  Time, capacity, and objectivity are key challenges faced by many clients in audit programs. 


At FSI we have the capacity to conduct first, second and third-party audits. These include:


Gap Assessments – when there is need to define the gap between the existing and the ideal and establish the plan to close it,

Internal Audits – depending on the objective of the audit, we complete the audit for you on,

Supplier Quality Audits (SQA) – we support with your supplier evaluations and re-evaluations.

We assist our clients to benchmark their products and services with global best practices through collaboration with affiliate organizations.


Certification of management systems


System certification gives assurance to consumers that the organization has taken all the due diligence in ensuring safe, quality, legal and authentic food products.

Our certification body offers certification to food safety and quality management systems based on the following standards,

    • · ISO 22000
    • · HACCP – unaccredited
    • · National standards

Supplier Audits and inspections


Organizations are required to ensure safety, quality, legality and authenticity of raw material, packaging materials and other product and surface contact materials. Selection of suppliers of these materials therefore involves supplier evaluation and is followed up by regular on-going performance monitoring.

Our supplier audit solutions ensure you can commit your staff to concentrate on the core functions as we ensure your suppliers are credible and comply with your selection criteria.

Our supplier audit services are offered against the following criteria,

    • · National standards
    • · HACCP principles
    • · Traceability of products
    • · ISO 22000
    • · FSSC 22000
    • · BRCGS
    • · Other customer-tailored requirements

Internal audits


Conducting a regular health check on your own organization management system is not only a system requirement but also a key driver of continual improvement.

Self-audits can however be daunting and may fail to deliver to their objective due to factors such as inadequate audit capacity, lack of independence, low competence, and heavy workload among others.

Our support ensures you get the most out of your internal audits with minimal disruptions to your work programs and with clear output for your action planning.

Our scope of audits includes food safety and quality systems based on the following criteria.

    • · ISO 22000
    • · FSSC 22000
    • · BRCGS
    • · HACCP
    • · National standards
    • · Any other customer requirements

Gap Assessment


Having multiple markets with differing requirements is a reality that sometimes means having multiple system certifications for similar requirements. Integrating the requirements into a single operational system allows the organization to comply with multiple requirements from multiple markets.

System integration is preceded by a Gap Assessment that identifies the missing pieces to be incorporated into the system for compliance.

Gap Assessment can also be used to check certification readiness before incurring the cost.

We conduct gap assessments on all food safety and quality management systems.